AI-assisted scribes to save you hours per day


Get home on time, and don't take your work with you

We handle your documentation using smart AI assisted technology - converting your patient conversations into notes and more.

Put your EHR aside and focus on your patients.

Make value based care programs easy

Exceed your value based care goals even as rules keep changing. We help you participate in shared savings programs like Medicare Advantage, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), or bundled payments. Make delivering high quality, cost-efficient care for every patient a routine part of your practice.

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Your data is valuable

Running your practice is getting more complex.  We help organize your practice data and find personalized ways to make you more efficient.  Get regular reports and insights on how your practice is performing.

Our Mission: Outstanding patient care

Clinicians spend over half their day typing, dictating, and searching through patient notes. We believe all that effort should be harnessed by the medical system to learn from every patient interaction and continually improve patient care.

Unfortunately, current systems are cumbersome to use and require additional effort from providers, or necessitate expensive scribes. The resulting free-text notes make it difficult to improve research, quality improvement, and billing.

Our mission is to change all of this, using technology to remove the documentation burden from the healthcare experience so physicians can focus on providing outstanding patient care.

Physician testimonials


“PredictionHealth creates great comprehensive notes. It cuts down significantly on time spent writing and finishing notes. This has been a huge factor in my overall workload and well-being.”

-- Dr. Aspen (Family Medicine)


“[PredictionHealth] is really great at capturing and making a clear and organized HPI out of even a long complicated story. They catch elements that even I would possibly miss.”

-- Dr. Scott (Family Medicine)

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