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Pedro Teixeira, MD, Phd

Co-founder and CEO

Vanderbilt-trained physician-scientist with extensive machine learning and natural language processing experience: data-crunching millions of patient notes, consulting, multiple first author publications, and 1st place winner of IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge.

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Ravi Atreya, Phd

Co-founder and CTO

Vanderbilt PhD, MD candidate - expertise in learning paths of care from clinical data; applied mined insights to develop pathway visualization platform to support patient care and research.


Michael Poku, MD, MBA

Co-founder and CMO

Vanderbilt MD, Harvard MBA with experiences with HCA, McKinsey, healthcare VC/PE. Current medical director of a healthcare services nonprofit. Internal medicine resident at Johns Hopkins.


David M. Farmer

Director of Operations

Background in Biology with clinical experience and application in laboratory research setting. Interested in the combination of medicine and biomedical informatics to improve the healthcare landscape.