Healthcare providers spend over half their day typing, dictating, and searching through patient notes. We believe all that effort should be harnessed by the medical system to learn from every patient interaction and continually improve patient care. Unfortunately, current systems are cumbersome to use and require additional effort from providers, or necessitate expensive scribes. The resulting free-text notes make it difficult to improve research, quality improvement, and billing.


Our Mission

We're helping to build the structured real-time dataset that machine learning needs to revolutionize healthcare. To do this, you have to integrate seamlessly into the patient-doctor interaction - where information is gathered and care is delivered. Unfortunately, typing and dictation-based documentation is too slow or awkward to do when you're with patients. Our approach listens in during the patient encounter and generates more comprehensive structured documentation in real-time. This enables a system that learns from every patient interaction to help doctors take the best care of their patients.

The paper chart was great because it was in front of you but allowed you to engage with patients personally at the same time, this actually brings that patient experience back.
— Physician (Internal Medicine)